Excel templates for GST returns released by GSTN

Only a couple of hours are left when GST will be applicable in the entire nation. Registrations and migrations are going on and the portal for registrations will remain open for three months. Meanwhile, the assessees have to begin complying with the norms of GST. Proper maintenance of records along with timely filing of returns is something that the businessmen have to keep up with. Proper infrastructure has been setup by the government in order for smooth functioning of filing process.

For facilitating the compliance on timely filing of returns, GSTN has released the excel template for filing the GST returns. The template so released by Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) would consist of eight different worksheets in which all the necessary details are to be furnished by the assessees. This excel utility has been issued prior to the launch of Goods and Service Tax in order to ensure that the taxpayers don’t find it difficult in filing the returns. The best part about these excel utilities is that these can be filled in the offline mode. Even if your internet connection is not working then also you can fill in these returns and then when your internet begins to work then all you need to do is to simply upload it.

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There are different returns those can be filled in the excel template and can be filed accordingly on different due dates as prescribed by the Act. All you need to do is to feed in the details and then upon your command the excel utility will auto generate a Java Script Object Notation (JSON) file which you need to upload on the online GST portal. There are different details that you need to feed in the utilities and some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Details of transactions incurred
  • All the invoices of sales
  • All the invoices of purchases
  • Export invoice details (if any)
  • Consolidated details of supply made to consumers
  • Details regarding credit/ debit note, etc.

The prime objective if releasing the excel utility is to make sure that the compliance process remains simple and time saving so that not much burden is laid upon the shoulders of the common taxpayers. GSTN chairman Mr. Navin Kumar mentioned, “The taxpayer can enter the details of his outward supply in the excel template on weekly basis or any other suitable regular interval.” The excel template can be downloaded from the official website of GST https://www.gst.gov.in/.

Filing the returns online is easy but is prone to several obstacles and the most common of them all is internet outage. With the help of excel utility you wouldn’t need to be much dependent on the internet. You can generate the Java file and can upload the file when the network is available. Make sure that you feed in the proper details and file such return within the due dates for smooth functioning of your businesses. If you haven’t got yourself registered for GST as yet then apply for the registration process as soon as you can.

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